Study: My Understanding of Employees

The Benefits of Applying Different Ways of Keeping Employees Happy
Every business with the aim of succeeding needs employees. Therefore the need of acquiring these employees to aid in day to day business activities arises. It is undeniable fact that business offer employment on basis of education or skills. As a business there is the need of good relations between the employees and the employer. It should be noted that prioritizing employees happiness is the main thing. It is important to note the fact that employees work beyond expectations in order to reach the maximum company objectives. This is mainly to the advantage of the employer. It is important to take note of below stated tips as ways of achieving the employees happiness.
The rewarding system of the employees should be considered as the major key of making them happy. Employees sacrifice a big deal to achieve the company or business set goals. It should be noted that as humans they work more hours and they struggle a lot. It should be noted that all the efforts are aimed at getting better results and employer satisfaction. Therefore as an employer it is good to consider more about the rewarding employees is not only majored on cash basis. As employer planned holidays are of consideration when aiming to encourage the employees. Giving employees free time is also crucial, the employees also need a break off the normal work routine. It is good to consider giving some days off work schedule to the employees.
Secondly as an employer it is important to make employees aware of your appreciation in their efforts. Acknowledging the efforts of the employees are important. On appreciation employees may put on extra efforts and sacrifice for the business. It should be noted that it is a result of recognition of employees’ effort. This develops a good work relation aiming at the business success. And employees may devote to working as if it is their own business. They assume that they are accountable for the business success or failure.
It is important to note that salary payments play a role in keeping employees more happy. It is important for the employer to consider paying salaries on agreed periods. Salary increase at a times motivate the employees a lot. It is good to consider the fact that employees are also accustomed to good life and they also have needs. Salary increase helps the employees advance in lifestyle basis. As an employer you have to ensure that salary is released on time, employees also have financial plans and they count on the salary as the only support system.
It is important to learn about different benefits for the employees other than salary. It should be noted that health insurance cover is of great importance to the employees.

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